Every Place Is Sacred

by Colossal Wrecks

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released June 18, 2012




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Colossal Wrecks Long Beach, California

4 piece emo band from Long Beach, CA

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Track Name: Would-Be Spirits
night begins to go
out of style
i think i'm going to stay
here for a while
and it's a little box where i keep you
chained to my skin there's
nothing i can do
and i knew all along

bus stop is the place
where i was born
the seat next to me was where
the ghost was torn
and i will never know just
where it ends
line keeps running till
heaven send
and i knew all along

all along
Track Name: Artichoke Hearts
artichoke hearts wait for me
poetry sounds best in silence
like a shell it wraps around
empty me i'm tired now

it has been so long i can't count
still it falls like broken asphalt
repeated off of my tongue sounds wrong
even though you're gone i'm here
Track Name: Too Close to Tell
the wave was time
taking you away
i got an army behind me

goes out when you look at it
too close

if ever there was a reason
to get excited
it's not here
and it's not now

and i will not be him
'cause he ain't me
Track Name: Where You've Been
i do not know or care to find out about
where you've been
i can't sweat
i can't swim
my hands hurt

recklessly you crash into me
restlessly you crash into me

i've been hanging on by a thread
and yours is a prickly pear oh my god

i almost do not even care about
memory's all that's left of you
right of center's where it is
it's not real today
Track Name: Time and Place
it's alright it's not a problem
so far i am half the man i thought i would be
by now it is over

we do the dance after midnight
we do the dance every night

it's okay every place is sacred
dripping meaning out of craters
in the fabric covers over

it's not so easy
to tear off your own flesh
kill it